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About the Strategic Plan

The Mission

Durham County provides fiscally responsible, quality services necessary to promote a healthy, safe and vibrant community.


The Vision

Durham County:  a thriving, vibrant, diverse community with abundant opportunity for all residents to live, work, learn, play and grow.

Core Values

Core Values: Ace-It (Accountability, Commitment, Exceptional Customer Service, Integrity, Teamwork & collaboration


Take responsibility for the consequences of your own actions, Does what’s right & Supports the mission and vision of Durham County


Works hard, Is an ambassador for Durham County & Is loyal to the mission and vision


Listens, Demonstrates a helpful attitude of service & Exceeds customer expectations

Does what is right even when no one is looking, Values diversity & Reflects positively on Durham County at all times


Develops networks and builds alliances, Collaborates across boundaries to achieve common goals & Builds consensus through give and take

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