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About the Durham County Strategic Initiatives Team

Who We Are

Durham County Strategic Initiatives is a three-person internal consulting team based in the County Manager’s Office. The team works with employees across the enterprise as well as community partners to advise, innovate and inspire. Strategic Initiatives focuses on strategic planning, innovation support and skill building and consultative services. 

What We Do

Strategic Initiatives provides support and programming in cultural and performance change for Durham County.

  • Strategic Planning: Strategic Initiatives manages the County’s Strategic Plan, working with General Managers and departments to create, update and implement this living document.

  • Innovation Support and Skill Building: Strategic Initiatives provides overall and department-specific programming to help create innovation capacity within departments.

  • Consultative Services: Strategic Initiatives works as internal consultants with departments to assist with problem solving and change management.

Strategic Initiatives employs skills in design thinking, behavioral economics and continuous improvement in order to assist Durham County. Strategic Initiatives collaborates frequently with community partners, most notably the City of Durham, which teams with the county to run a regular employee IdeaLab innovation forum, to administer an annual Resident Satisfaction Survey and to co-host an ICMA Fellow. Other critical innovation partners include but are not limited to Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight and Sanford School of Public Policy and Durham Public Schools.


Michael Davis, Strategic Initiative Manager


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