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Accountable, Efficient and Visionary Government

Durham County Leadership Academy

This program offers emerging leaders from across the County the opportunity to participate in a unique 9-month professional development initiative. The trainings includes a focus on leadership and management styles and behaviors to implement strategy.

Participation in the program is highly selective. Applicants are ranked by the Department Directors and interviewed prior to being accepted. Those selected to participate attend a variety of trainings and workshops, volunteer at local non-profits, read and review two management books, and have a group project they must complete.

"The Leadership Academy....where to begin? I believe it was something that really helped jumpstart my development both personally and professionally. It not only gave me a better understanding of areas where I still have plenty room for growth, it also helped to highlight a number of things that I have a solid foundation in already. This course really is a fantastic setting for exploration on a number of levels and I would encourage anyone that is willing to take a chance to grow to look into participating in the Leadership Academy." - James Tabron, Durham County Register of Deeds

  • An effective organization committed to the pursuit of excellence through: collaborative leadership, exceptional customer service, innovation, transparency and fiscal responsibility


  1. Strengthen leadership through collaboration

  2. Provide exceptional customer service

  3. Encourage innovation

  4. Harness community resources, expertise and intellectual capital

  5. Foster informed public engagement

  6. Adopt evidence-based practices for programs

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