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Open Data Partnership

An open data partnership is blooming in Durham. The City and County, as a joint strategic partnership, are developing a shared approach to making public data more accessible online. With the growing power of the open data movement, the vision is for the community to use this data in a variety of ways, including building apps. “This is a unique collaborative effort that demonstrates a regional commitment,” Durham County Manager Wendell Davis said in a news release. “There will be shared costs, a common platform and portal, and a combined effort by both organizations to reach into the community to bring about business development and new community benefits and services.” City Manager Tom Bonfield shared the excitement. “Durham is uniquely positioned to be a very successful site that demonstrates the business and social potential for open data,” Bonfield said in the news release. “Our community’s entrepreneurial energy and creativity gives us an advantage to innovate new ways of doing business by making information readily accessible.” For more information, check out this recent news release.

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