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Public Art Brightens Downtown Durham

There’s a new Twist of Fate at the County Courthouse. An 18-foot-tall, kinetic sculpture, “Twist of Fate” by Carrboro artist Mike Roig, graces the courtyard of the new building as part of the Bull City Sculpture Show, a large-scale public art display presented by Liberty Arts. Twelve artists from all over the US were selected to exhibit their original sculptures throughout downtown from May through October of this year. Some sculptures are heavy, some huge, some intricate and some bold. Residents can vote on their favorite here, and the "people’s choice" will remain in place for an additional six months. A County Public Art Planning Committee voted unanimously to support this initiative as a way to feature public art in Durham. According to Roig, Twist of Fate’s inspiration was "no more or less than the desire to make something grand for no particular reason; to take some good steel and make it move in the wind." Check out a short film about the artist and see Twist of Fate "move in the wind" here.

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