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County Engages in Creating a Durham Promise Zone

In response to community needs, Durham County Cooperative Extension is shepherding the federal application process for a Durham Promise Zone on behalf of the City, County and Durham community. A Promise Zone is a federal designation that creates a link between the federal government and the local community to address priorities within a high-poverty area in the community. If designated as a Promise Zone (a ten-year designation), Durham would receive preferences for certain competitive federal funding programs, among other benefits. The goals of the proposed Promise Zone are to: 1. Create Jobs 2. Increase economic activity 3. Improve educational opportunities 4. Reduce violent crime 5. Promote health and access to healthcare, and; 6. Expand affordable housing Cooperative Extension convened two meetings in October to share information about the application process and gain input from nearly 150 stakeholders. Becoming a Promise Zone community would enhance Durham’s ability to address multiple community challenges and would have the potential to expand and strengthen the good work individuals and organizations already are doing in the community. Contact Delphine Sellars, Extension Director at 919-560-0524 or for more information.

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