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Cankerworm Tree Banding Volunteer Event Recap

Durham's urban forest is a little bit stronger thanks to the efforts of County and City employees and citizens who "banded together" to halt the spread of cankerworms. Cankerworms are pests that eat the leaves off trees, leaving these trees unable to make their own food and susceptible to diseases.

On November 14, more than 40 volunteers braved the cold and gathered in Trinity Park and Old North Durham to put sticky bands around trees to catch the cankerworm moths before they lay their eggs. Volunteers had fun learning new skills and meeting new people as they cut, stapled, and glued the bands around massive oaks in these two historic neighborhoods. This event was one of many aimed at protecting Durham's trees as part of Trees Across Durham, a joint City-County Strategic Plan initiative.

For more information, visit the Trees Across Durham website.

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