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Cooperative Extension Supports Community Garden

The Stick & Stay Kids Community Garden in Durham is yielding a bountiful assortment of vegetables, the nonprofit's staff reports. Stick & Stay Prevention, which provides supportive services to individuals in crisis, operates garden plots at 404 Nelson Street and 114 Hardee Street. Durham County Cooperative Extension financially supported the effort. "The kids had the opportunity to dig in and help pull the string beans, and they were shown how to pull the squash and zucchini off the vines," staff wrote in a "success story" submitted to Cooperative Extension. "They helped with preparing them, and we canned four jars of the beans. They were excited as we were watching them." Cooperative Extension provides support in community gardening, among many other services. To learn more, call Cooperative Extension at 919-560-0525 or visit the department's website.

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